Book: Money Secrets of the Rich

Book: Australia’s Money Secrets of the Rich

A friend was moving overseas, and when I helped him move some of his furniture, he gave me a number of books on investing. This was one of them. I’ve often wondered about this genre of books – normally, they’re very expensive, but this one (from the pricetag on the back) seemed moderately priced.

It’s adapted from an American book, with a co-author adding in the relevant Australian tax law. The book’s advice is out of date in some ways now, but the most surprising thing about it was how much of it was just advice on how to get out of debt, and start saving money. Only about a third of the book is about becoming rich, most is just about breaking even. As the book says, though, that’s a highly underrated first step.

This seems to be a book that is quite useful, even if growing wildly rich isn’t important to you. Sadly, the bible verses (in the “motivational quotes” section) are out of context in almost every case, but i wasn’t really expecting theology from this book.

If you’re looking for ethical advice on how to reorganise your budget to get out of debt, this is a good place to look. If you’re wanting to grow rich beyond your wildest dreams, you probably have a much longer journey than even this book can help with.

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