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Sometimes, a 500 hand comes along that’s so bad, it deserves special attention. Note to self, it took two tries to photograph the cards, as the flash reflected too much and washed out the red cards the first time.

There was a time when I would never speak of a hand of cards after it had been played, but in this age of handheld electronic devices, these details can be remembered for years.

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  1. 500! I’m jealous, I’ve not played in years Nik doesnt like cards (gasp!). You’re right by the way — spectacularly bad.

    I’ll consider your advice re: Harry Potter passing the long night time hours. The trouble would be holding both a book and a baby, I’m simply too unco (sp?).

  2. I offered, for at least 10 years, $20 to whoever had a hand where every card was between a 6 and a 10. No Royal cards. No 4s or 5s. In my mind, that was the killer (in a bad way) 500 hand.

    Haven’t seen it yet, despite a decade of playing!

    (Have we met Dave? You just commented on my Blog, but I can’t tell who you are.)

  3. David: we were probably the last people you played cards with! There’s always an audio version of HP7 if you can’t juggle the book.

    Justin: yes; we’ve met – we’re even facebook-friends – you have a cartoon book of mine, as I recall.

  4. Ah, that brings back lovely memories of uni and 500 and euchre and more 500…oh wait, the lecture’s started, oh well, play some more 500 instead. I don’t think I’ve played a hand in a decade.

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