unhurried fellowship

Last night I had a few moments (two, maybe three minutes) of quiet: though I had a bag with a couple of books in it within easy reach, I chose to try and sit still. To not think of the things that I need to do, or learn.

I can’t say I enjoyed the pause all that much: there’s something pleasing about working through the to-do list, never slowing down, but I’m trying to make sure that I choose a pace that’s sustainable, and doesn’t damage any relationships – as much as I can.

With semester back on, I’m juggling a few extra things – enough that I’ve turned down opportunities for extra work. I can’t help but think back a few weeks to when I was having dinner with a friend – we spent a whole evening catching up, and time wasn’t quite so pressured.

Unhurried fellowship, he called it. Worth making time for.

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