Greek, chapter 15: the passive and voices

The second week back to Greek, and there’s already a sense of foreboding. It looks like the last half-dozen chapters of the textbook are going to be tough. I’ve had the vocab CD on fairly high rotation in the car, and still a few words escape me: not a good sign.

This week we covered the first half of chapter 15 – passive voice. Until now, all verbs have been in “active voice” – this is the way that MS Word would tell you to write.

The difference?

The dog chased the cat: active.

The cat was chased by the dog: passive.

The cat was chased : passive.

It gets more complicated when you add in the other “moods”. All told, there are now twic as many endings to know, and by the end of the chapter, it will be three times! Lots of memory work.

Combine that with my unwise decision to read harry potter 7 in english, not in greek, and there’s a lot to catch up on before next week!

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