cafe karalis

Enrico over at Cafe Karalis contacted me through my site and asked if he could send me some coffee. I was mid-way through my decaf phase, so I opted to wait a month. It showed up yesterday, so I tried it this morning.

The vacuum sealed can opens with a satisfying hiss of air, and the beans, though not shiny, are still pretty fresh: the photo shown is the crema off the first shot I pulled. I used a standard grind (10 on my sunbeam grinder).

Tasting: there was some mild acidity, and a lot of cocoa in the flavour. It had a thick, syrupy mouthfeel and a pleasant aftertaste. I thought it would have worked better with milk, so I made up a couple of flat whites: as it turned out, it was better as a short black. With milk, it’s an above average, but not exceptional cup. Worth a look!

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