greek – week five – the subjunctive

This week, we had a look at a couple of actual verses in Greek: instances where what we have been learning will help us see extra layers of meaning in the text that can’t be seen by looking just at the English.

We learned the subtle difference between purpose (what you’re seeking to achieve) and reason (why you have set out on a course of action). The subjunctive can comment on both of these things.

We also had a look at some special cases of the infinitive, and a few more unusual verbs. The further I make it into the course, though, the harder it is to explain at a non-Greek-student level – the whole course builds on what we’ve already learned.

To prove to myself that I can remember what we are learning in class, at least for a few hours, I tried explaining the "textual variant" in John 20:31 to Kel last night, and I think she understood the difference, even if she wasn’t interested in looking at the text itself (can’t imagine why!).

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