Apple – iPod touch

Apple has announced a new iPod – it’s like the iPhone, but without the phone: iPod touch. They’ve also changed the shape of the iPod nano (which can now play video). No Australian pricing nor availability yet.

Update: Australian pricing and availability
iPod nano: 4GB – $199 (available now: silver), 8GB – $279 (available now: silver, aqua, green, black, red)
iPod touch: 8GB – $419, 16GB – $549 (Sep 28)
iPod classic 80GB – $349, 160GB – $479 (available now; black and silver)

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  1. Hmmm…might have to buy a nano tomorrow…I currently have a mini and been waiting for the 2nd generation nanos as the mini has been dropped a few too many times. Still works ok.

  2. jordan – it seems like it would be a cool little web-browsing device: not sure how far 8GB would stretch, though.

    david and snail – make sure you look at them first – they’ve completely changed the look of the nano!

    I can’t believe that the release of the ipod touch was worth of inclusion in the herald / the age: not so long ago you would never hear a whisper!

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