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Those of you who read this blog, and are familiar with the Rancilio Silvia Coffee Machine – is this a good price?

I’m often asked for advice on what to buy as a first-time, home epresso machine. What would you recommend for someone who is buying their first espresso machine: the Silvia, or something more affordable?

I know that some people are going to say “skimp on the coffee machine, buy a good grinder”, but I fear that newcomers aren’t going to understand this advice until they’ve tried a blade grinder, and then a burr grinder.

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  1. That price is nothing special Dave.
    And it would be a total waste if a user is trying to make decent espresso with a blade grinder.

    A half decent burr grinder (minimum in my books is the Sunbeam EMO480) is absolutely essential.

    Silvia can be a fickle mistress that challenges even experienced home baristas. I point espresso newbies to the Sunbeam EM6910 these days – generally easier to use, and no waiting for steam (which most people using single boiler, non-HX machines like Silvia find very frustrating).


  2. Thanks Neil, I thought you’d have some insights here.

    Have you had any success with people who have a new-found enthusiasm for coffee straight into a burr grinder? I’ve struggled to win people over until they’ve languished with a blade grinder for a while.

  3. Hi Dave,

    nice blogging with you.

    I’d purchased a Silvia several years ago in the hope that I could save money making my own, rather than buying coffee across the road. The coffee I had/have been making is pretty average. I have a good grinder. (Saeco) I believe the grind is correct, but my milk frothing leaves the milk watery and flat, not creamy at all!
    Please help. Any tips would be appreciated.

  4. The Silvia is a great machine, but as Neil states, she is a fickle mistress. You will need a good grinder and you will need to have a reasonable understanding of dosing, distribution and grind setting. With a little knowledge however, the silvia can turn out an espresso to rival machines costing 3 times as much.

    The sunbeam is ok paired with the Silvia, but there are question marks on longevity. I would be interested in hearing from anyone that’s used one of these for, say, 12 months? I know the Rocky grinders are up to the task for the long haul …

    If you haven’t used a semi automatic machine before make sure you include a barista course into the budget. It usually comes as a surprise just how precise you have to be with dose and grind to get Miss Silvia to sing 🙂 You know you have nailed it when you are making latte’s better than most of the cafe’s! That’s how good it can be!

    We’re in Cremorne and we specialise in selling, servicing and training on the http://www.jetblackespresso.com.au/shop/p/rancilio-silvia/“ rel=”nofollow”>Rancilio Silvia and the http://www.jetblackespresso.com.au/shop/p/rancilio-rocky/“ rel=”nofollow”>Rancilio Rocky. You can demo these or even do a http://www.jetblackespresso.com.au/shop/p/coffee-course/“ rel=”nofollow”>barista course on them before you buy. We’re always happy to help out with tips and tricks so feel free drop by,


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