Book: Escape from Reason

Book: Escape from Reason

I read this book in a single day, which should give you a feel for its length. Nonetheless, Francis Schaeffer covers some significant ground in just a few pages.

If you’ve ever wondered about the evolution of philosophy over the last 8 centuries or so, this seems a tight summary. This isn’t a subject I have much familiarity with, so I can’t speak to its accuracy (though Schaeffer is highly respected in this area).

The main way that this process is presented is by considering – for each significant period of time – what was considered knowable, and what was in the realm of faith. This division makes all the difference to the way that the world is understood.

It’s a little sad to watch the idea of God move from the realm of the un-knowable to the realm of the knowable; for people to then decide that there is no God, and then ultimately to decide that believing in the idea of God is important for a person’s well-being, while at the same time knowing that there can’t be a God.

Schaeffer has an easy to read style given the subject matter: I would think that anyone who’s reading at an undergraduate level would have no problem with this book: it might be beyond the reach of high schoolers.

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  1. Hi Dave, the first line of this post makes me laugh…… if i remember correctly, didn’t you read the final Harry Potter book in one day?? if so, this book could really be anywhere up to a house brick in size 🙂 michelle

  2. I should point out that I read it in two plane trips; actually, the ones to visit you and trev… so it’s not quite a housebrick.

    but that’s a good point.

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