things I’ve learned about high schoolers

When I signed up to do Sunday school teaching, I thought that I would simply be able to project my own high school experience on the high schoolers of today.

To some extent, this is true: the experience of going to high school is much the same, even if the class sizes, timetables, and schools are different after many years.

The people in my class, though, are different from me in important ways.

While I would have happily scoffed down an entire bag of Minties in a single sitting, many of these guys either don’t like Minties, or can’t eat them because of braces (I don’t even really notice if people have braces, though I suspect that if I had to pay for the braces, I would notice more readily).

If I was asked the question “what is your favourite TV show”, then I would have been spoiled for choice – I spent no small amount of time watching TV, and I can barely recall any of the shows that I was watching back then. Most of the people in my class don’t watch TV during the week: does anyone else find that a bit of a culture shock?

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