two weekends in bullet point form

friday night 1
teppanyaki (caringbah)

saturday 1
early morning flight
gold coast growers’ markets
visit friends
stand in an empty swimming pool
regret not photographing it, as it would have helped explain john the baptist for next weeks’ sunday school
mexican food in the gold coast hinterland
flown home
reconnected with an old friend

sunday 1
early wake up
breakfast at grind
sunday school
lunch at bowen island bakery
walked the bay run
coffee in balmain
youtube juggling
church at feva
helped with a computer problem
petrol station closed – couldn’t buy petrol

friday night 2
race to katoomba
mkc friday night
listen to talk
chat to men from church
sleep in leura

saturday 2
breakfast in leura
decaf coffee from coffee box, katoomba (best coffee in katoomba)
catch up with friends
listen to talks
talk to al stewart!
wait for mp3-cds to be copied
walk to dinner
passenge back to sydney
get stove fixed

sunday 2
eat toast in the car
arrive at sunday school room
disaster – no furniture!
find furniture
teach sunday school
drive to cafe #1: closed
drive to cafe #2: closed
drive to cafe #3 – cordial at newtown
lunch with friend
drive to grind in cronulla
drink decaf
go home
play piano at night church
watch the west wing

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