college mid-term break

There are no lectures for the next few weeks, and I’m trying to make the most of the break by by doing as much reading and revision as I can. One of the books I’m reading through is a commentary on Romans by Cranfield. It’s a book that’s been around a little longer than I have, but the impression it gives of what it means to be a scholar is quite scary.

Cranfield quotes from authors writing in French, German, Latin (and of course, Greek and Hebrew) without missing a beat. Unlike other articles I’ve read, where the English translation of the quote is footnoted, Cranfield just footnotes where the quote can be found in the original language: as if the reader will have no problem trying to come to grips with the quotation

In other news, the fence is up, we have a dog staying with us at the moment, and there’s only one more season of the west wing left to watch.

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