birthday highlights

Having finished digging the trench the previous weekend, this weekend was also set to involve time spent with friends, but without quite as much physical effort.

Here are the highlights:

  • spent Friday night having dinner with an old school friend and his family
  • Saturday morning – went running with my little brother
  • breakfast with friends at cordial (newtown cafe), including some great decaf coffee
    decaf double ristretto piccolo
  • watching friends’ kids play in a nearby park
  • catching up with Kel’s cousin in his skateboarding competition – a world I knew nothing about
  • free comic books at Kinokuniya (I’d forgotten it was free comic book day)
  • laksa, a heavy gift, one-man-star-wars (more on this later) and ice cream with surprise friends in the city
  • Sunday morning: Sunday school sings happy birthday to me (and three other kids, whose combined age is only just over half my age) goes smoothly – we even sit outside on the deck
  • coffee (another decaf) at Grind
  • lunch with my parents and half my siblings
  • catching up with another friend, and a trip to bunnings
  • not being rostered on for anything at evening church
  • a quiet dinner at home with kel
  • finding out that I share my birthday with another friend’s baby
  • Monday night: watching the popcorn taxi screening of 21 with kel, then listening to a Q&A session with Kevin Spacey
  • free-pouring a good looking latte on Tuesday morning (granted, this might just be me stretching out my birthday further than is reasonable)
    free pour flat white

Thanks to everyone who was in touch on the day and in the time surrounding it: much appreciated. As you can tell, I didn’t overdo it on the coffee.

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