a phone with two SIM cards?

Yesterday, I was trying to get hold of a friend who has two mobile phones, and two numbers: one is a work phone, and one is a personal phone. The trouble with trying to reach him is that you need to know which phone he’s carrying before you can call him.

An idea occurred to me this morning, to fix this kind of problem, which is surely not unique.

Someone could release a phone that has capacity for two SIM cards at the same time. If you only put one in, it just works as a normal phone, but with two, you could:

  • enter into the calendar your work hours, so it could choose which one took priority (if they both ring at once)
  • choose a default SIM for a given phone number (if you were on multiple networks, you could choose the network that would make the call cheaper)
  • switch off one or both of the SIMs, depending on what situation you were in – if you have to take the “on call&8221; phone with you, you could just take its SIM, and have it switched on in your normal phone.

Am I dreaming here, or would this be useful for those people who otherwise have to carry around multiple phones?

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