Gusto Cafe, Penshurst

Toby’s estate coffee. 23 The Strand, Penshurst (ph 9570 1777). New kid on the block, this place raises the bar of coffee at Penshurst. Clean, contrasting red and black on a wooden floor, this place has a modern feel.

Staff are chatty, there are two cooks working away in the kitchen; all that the place needs is some more time for word of mouth to spread.

The decaf is pre-ground, but when paired with Crema milk, comes together as very drinkable.

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  1. Yeah; it’s on the south side of the railway line, towards what I think is an op shop… from memory, it used to be a chinese restaurant.

  2. its next to essential beauty, thats an awesome beauty salon too. best in sydney!! and now theres a place to get a great coffee aswell.

  3. The Pizza is really tasty! been a few times and luv the pizza that much i haven’t tried anything else

  4. Gusto is great. Toby’s estate coffee is the best!! Food is affordable and tasty. Staff are very friendly and are very welcoming to our dog, who loves to sit outside with us and watch the world go by.

  5. We have become regulars here – we lovelovelove the coffee, staff are friendly, and they are very accommodating to our young daughter.

    Try the bacon and egg rolls for breakfast – omg!!!

  6. Coffee, food and staff all totally awesome. So happy a place of this quality has opened in Penshurst.

  7. The food is over priced and the quality not a match. There are far supior cafe/resturants in Mortdale and Penshurst – do try The Italian Job in Hurstville Grove

  8. love gusto…the staff are friendly and chatty…the food is always fresh and beautifully presented…excellent value…had dinner there on valentines day…the ambiance was wonderful…nadia went to a lot of trouble to decorate the whole place to make us all feel very special…thankyou….will be back…

  9. I will never go to this place again.

    Went tonight for the first time, with a group of 7 friends, and will never go back.

    Our “hot” drinks were luke warm at best. They were out of ice-cream for desserts – our waitress asked someone in the kitchen to go out and buy some (as there were like 4 staff standing around doing nothing) and then came back to tell us someone was going to get icecream, so we placed out desert orders. 5 minutes later she came back to tell us they changed their minds and nobody was going out to get icecream, and that we would have to have gelato (lemon or rum&raisin gelato with sticky date pudding? no thanks.) or just cream. we should have left then.

    when the deserts came out, the slices of cake/pie were tiny for $9.50, and the cream was off.

    we politely asked to talk to someone, were offered a 15% discount (not even the cost of one of the desserts) and finally got the 2 deserts that we HADN’T eaten (the boys weren’t too fussy about off cream…) removed from our bill.

    staff were all rude, apart from the waitress who tried her best to help us and was friendly and polite (and probably got a telling off from the higher staff later on for offering to send someone out to get icecream). when we complained we were told there was “nothing they could do” since we’d already drank our drinks. we probably wouldn’t have complained about the luke warm drinks if the deserts had been satisfactory.

    we are regular cafe goes from the oatley/hurstville grove area, and usually go to D2D in beverly hills, but decided to try somewhere local – BAD CHOICE.

    overall an unpleseant experience, and we will be telling everyone we know not to go here.

  10. This place is awesome. I go there at least twice or thrice a week for a great coffee and a chat. I have never had a bad experience and each time i have gone its been busy and friendly so they are definitely doing something great to attarct people to an area that is not in a busy part of penshurst too.

    I can guarantee that if you went to this place twice if not more times the experience will be a lasting one. People who go to a place once with a large group should go back with their best friend or as a couple where the one-on-one service is splendid.

    I have been a resident of oatley and penshurst for more than 30 years and have never enjoyed my coffee till this place popped up close to my palatial residence.

    I love it….

  11. fantastic food, great service, I think its one of the best cafe’s for lunch or dinner around this area. p.s. the tiramasu dessert is delicious

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