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  1. I’ve only been there (Paris) twice, but I’ve got to say that your local Australian Vietnamese bakery will probably supply you with a croissant easily worthy in comparison to the original… so no need to travel continents in search of a perfectly fluffy croissant… just have a walk around your suburb/town.
    Having said that, when next we travel, if I can convince Ben to go back to the most beautiful city in the world, then I’ll definitely be bookmarking that blog… tourists seem to struggle with locating quality vs convenience!

  2. A good point. I tend to avoid croissants generally: they’re more a treat than something I’d eat regularly. You have to admit, though, it’s not so much about the quality – the romance of eating a croissant in Paris is a lot more appealing than in an Australian bakery!

  3. @vivian. I finally made it there to try their croissants (they sell out pretty early in the day). You’re right – they’re really great croissants. Thanks for telling me about them!

  4. i told you their croissants nice!!! haha..
    now try the biscotties.. they make them too… i love biscotti with my coffee.. they make a little special biscotti then anywhere else!!

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