what goes best with a coffee?

A reader asks – what is something that you’d could be persuaded to buy when you go for your coffee: specifically, something with a long-ish shelf life. No one wants, for example, stale croissants, but it’s possible that you might like to have a small, gourmet chocolate.

In my travels, I’ve seen a lot of different places, with a big variety of options for things that will go with coffee, but most are highly perishable:

  • Portuguese custard tarts from sweet belem
  • The selection of tiny chocolates (free when the place first opened) from electric bean
  • a range of cafes that home-make their cakes and biscotti to order
  • cookies from Byron Bay Cookie Company
  • nougat
  • toffee, if it’s stored in the right container – my wife makes an amazing pistachio toffee
  • if there’s room for a toaster, banana bread or fruit bread
  • muesli in a takeaway container, maybe with berries and yoghurt – one of my favourites from home espresso

Do you have any favourite long-life snacks to go with coffee?

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