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I’m now back home after OZ-IA 2008. Somehow, Eric Sheid (Long Black, but was drinking lattes this week) manages to pack 22 sessions into a two day conference. I missed one of the sessions, but I tried to ask the speakers how they have their coffee.

Here’s what I found out.

Day One

Where is Square 1? – James Hunter (flat white + 1 sugar)
Psych your mind – IA and Social Computing Strategy – Matthew Hodgson (Cappuccino, no sugar)
Homer Simpson & UCD in large goverment change programmes – Caronne Carruthers-Taylor (double shot latte)
The value of an interaction – Joel Flom (flat white)
Ambient Personalisation & Rich Interaction Mechanisms – Christopher Khalil (strong latte, but only one per day)
iPhone: rethinking the mobile IA – Oliver Weidlich (didn’t get to ask him about coffee)
Automated tree testing – faster, better, smarter? – Sam Ng (flat white + 1 sugar)
UX Strategy: defining and executing strategies for your projects and teams – Steve Baty (flat white in the morning, double espresso at night)
Are users really ready for faceted search? – Elizabeth Pek (didn’t get to talk to her)
Search and sensibility: Four tales of search – Louisa Cameron (??), Angus Fraser (??), Scott Bryant(skim flat white), Chris Khalil (strong latte, only one per day)

Day Two

Website to Webapp – designing for workflow – Shane Morris (flat white + 1 sugar)
IA in the Cayman Islands – Sam Ng (flat white + 1 sugar)
Context is everything – Iain Barker (flat white)
Let’s talk about forms – Jessica Enders (doesn’t drink coffee)
Taxonomy, Social Networks and Pace-Layering – Roger Hudson (latte with 2 sugars)
How many seconds does it take to order a burrito? – Zafer Bilda (Long Black / Skim Cappuccino)
How about them apples? UCD benchmarking as an ROI technique – Andrew Boyd (flat white + 1)
Contextual Enquiries – the who, how, why, and when – Lisa Herrod (skim flat white)
From research fluff to useful tools – Stephen Cox (doesn’t drink coffee)
Taken out of context: old tricks, new dog – Margaret L Ruwoldt (plunger coffee, no milk, or macchiatos, except for Vittoria and Genovese, which she’ll drink without milk)
The Pleasure and Pain of UX freestylin’ – Donna Spencer (flat white with one), Gary Barber (latte)

A few summary stats:
75% – no sugar
42% – Flat White or Latte
25% – add sugar
21% – un-interviewed
17% – Latte
8% – non-coffee drinkers
4% – Cappuccino
4% – Long Black
4% – Plunger

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