Playing with an iphone

I’ve borrowed an iPhone for the week, to try a work out if it’svworth getting one: after watching some presentations on oz-ia, I’m convinced that it’s a good platform for a lot of people, but I like to do a lot of typing on a mobile device, so it might not be the best choice for me.

As far as the application launching process goes, it does a great job: it’s been easy to set up. A twitter client, my gmail access and a feed reader: better than my old k-jam in that regard. For writing slabs of text, though, it isn’t great.

Perhaps I don’t yet know how to make the most of the keyboard – it seems to have a lot of hidden enhancements, but the predictive text isn’t working for me in every case.

Overall, I’m enjoying the experience, but I don’t know if I want to make it a permanent move.

Worth noting too is that when you swap sim cards on an iphone, it doesn’t remember your SMS history.

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  1. Have you tried text entry in landscape mode? The slightly bigger keyboard helps there. I also find it easier to type away and trust the keyboard to get 90% of the stuff right before going back and editing the inevitable typos at the end.

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