long weekend in review

It wasn’t until I spent some time reflecting on the long weekend that I realised it had gone a long way towards recharging me, and giving me more energy to get through this busy month.

For some reason, I was sick on Thursday, and ended up working from home on Friday – still not feeling well enough to risk a long trip into the office – so with Friday night, the long weekend began. There was a sermon to write, and some college work to make progress on, but to help get through everything, I re-watched a lot of the West Wing. The more I watch it, the more sad the current state of the US seems. I don’t think a show like that could be written these days: audiences are more cynical, and shows demand a higher level of “edgy” content to make censors sweat.

Saturday morning brought with it an early trip to a cafe, a visit to see my parents, and a lot of time trying to put the sermon together. Sunday was a bit of a sleep-in, then a day of finishing up the sermon, then heading over to church to preach.

Monday was a minor sleep-in, doing the bay run, a cafe breakfast with my brother, then a couple of hours’ worth of gardening, and a date with my wife – we went to Cronulla for a late lunch, an ice cream, and a coffee (the latter at Grind).

Perhaps it’s an illusion, but just to be catching up on the work around the house, putting the sermon to bed and spending some time as a couple made for a deeply satisfying weekend.

Have you ever caught yourself being so busy with things that you didn’t notice they were giving you fresh energy?

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