5 ways to use twitter to help your business

Sure everyone is talking about twitter at the moment. But is it just a big waste of valuable staff time, or can it help your business? Here are 5 ways that twitter can help, whether you’re a small or a large company.

  1. Monitoring mentions of your business on Twitter using twitter search – find out what your customers are saying about you. With geographic search, you can even tell which market they’re in
  2. Follow those customers who are talking about you, and engage them in conversation – turn a bad experience into a good one, and inexpensively
  3. Broadcast news and special offers on a dedicated twitter account – you can track how the offer is converting, and even link them straight to a dedicated web page for each offer!
  4. Have your staff set up “work” twitter accounts so that there are multiple voices on twitter reaching out to your customers
  5. At this early stage in twitter’s acceptance, building case studies allows you to gain additional coverage in main-stream media, which will raise your company’s profile, and feed back into your twitter strategy.

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