who’s doing it better? Crema Magazine

Part of the 31-DBBB challenge that I’m slowly working through is to review another blog in your niche. Given the broad range of topics that I cover here, there isn’t really a blog that’s in my niche, but I thought I’d shine a little spotlight over to one site that I think does cafe reviews better than I do.

That site is Crema Magazine. Sure, they have the advantage of being the website for a magazine, but it’s worth looking at the way that they’re doing cafe reviews to see if I can learn anything from them.

  • they have the full address, phone number and website of the cafe they review
  • they appear to take photos with the full knowledge and permission of the cafe
  • they have more detailed knowledge of equipment and coffee origins than I do
  • they quote menu prices (some of the time)

What I’d like to change about my reviews going forward (though I’ll need to spend some time on a redesign to really get there) is to have more photos of the trip, and to be able to find time to have a proper dialogue with the owner of the cafe, so that there’s more of a story behind it.

Update: they’ve announced their Best cafes for 2009 – a predictable list, but all 5 are worth a visit.

What do you think? Are there cafes that you’d like to see me review? Is there more information on a cafe that you’d like to see?

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  1. Hi mate – thanks for your comments, but I must correct you on a couple of things… have looked through a couple of your reviews, and I think you’re doing a good job – we do it slightly differently, but that doesn’t mean our reviews are any better. In fact for the record, I’m pretty much a one-man band myself, and was actually going to contact you to ask if you would also like to submit reviews to our blog from time-to-time!

    By the way, re: the pics – we review anonymously and then I simply go out when finished, stand on the road, and take a shot – not much anyone can do about that once you’re finished!!

    Let me know if you’re interested!


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