Oz and NZ public relations people on twitter

The sheer length of this list of Aussie/NZ PR people on Twitter (66+15 = 81) surprised me. Perhaps it shouldn’t: clearly twitter is becoming more popular for some professions in Australia (and NZ).

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  1. Seems pretty popular in library circles too. Not my thang though it’s been pointed out to me recently, it’s now doable via a client on your desktop. Whereas when I tried it a couple of years back, it was just smsing and a wee bit annoying. Might try it again one of these days.

  2. I think twitter doesn’t make sense until you’ve used it for a couple of weeks… you have to follow a few people who you find interesting, or it’s just more digital noise.

  3. Dunno. via sms, the number of texts was painful, whereas via a client (currently trying digsby but may move to tweetdeck), it seems more like a group IM/irc session which is a bit more fun. Giving it another go for now, though I’ve never been sufficiently quick minded for irc related technologies. email/usenet/web forums tend to be more my speed.

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