what cafe websites need

One of the people I met at Sydney coffee mornings, Joseph, writes about the problems with cafe / venue websites: style over substance.

Website design is far from a cafe’s core business, and so it’s easy to be seduced by flashiness: trying to be cinematic in what you’re doing. This gets in the way of the website’s actual purpose: allowing customers find you and do business with you.

I would have to agree with Joseph that what a cafe’s website should be is simple text, perhaps some photos of your venue. The opening hours should be there, a map, the menu:

There’s good advice in his post: have a look. The only thing I would add? Many cafes don’t have websites at all: with so many inexpensive hosting options available, it makes sense for a cafe to have its own site: even a WordPress blog set up with a few static pages.

Let me know if you’d like some more advice on the subject. I’m happy to talk about it further.

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