DVD: Transporter 3

DVD: Transporter 3

I confess I’d been looking forward to this one. Though the second one was truly disappointing, the first film was quite watchable, and had some clever action sequences in it.

The third in the trilogy takes a while to get moving, and it’s ultimately let down by the directorial approach. When the action scenes are finally reached, there is a sense of deliberate homage to the original film, mixed with an attempt to bring the Bourne Ultimatum style fast-cuts to the fray. Instead of heightening the action, this takes away from it.

The romantic subplot is irritating at best. The premise to the film, though ridiculous, adds something new, and is the source for most of the film’s humour.

It’s watchable (though perhaps on fast-forward much of the time) but not a patch on the original.

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