Why marketers have trouble with full-duplex social technology

[ Groundswell ] Why marketers have trouble with full-duplex social technology.

Your company has a chance to turn its email list into a two-way communication. Except that most mass emails from companies are “do not reply”. “We want to talk to you,” they say. “But we don’t want to hear back from you. Unless you want to place an order, and if so click here.”

In general, a marketing department is set up to have a one-way conversation: a monologue about the virtues of this or that. “Social media” works best at generating a dialogue. Sadly, a marketing department is often not geared up for such conversation: this falls, rather to the customer service area of a business.

To successfully employ social media technology, an organisation needs to have these separate parts working together. This, I think, is the biggest challenge in implementing a social media strategy.

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