Movie: Winged Creatures

Movie: Winged Creatures

Thanks to a giveaway on the blog, I had tickets to go and see this film. As such, I really wanted to like it, and there were some clever bits to it, but overall, it didn’t seem to develop the characters enough, nor have them interact with as much depth as I would have liked.

Great to see a few different Hollywood talents put together in this way: Guy Pearce was excellent in his role as a doctor struggling with his lack of power to save people.

There is some sex in the movie, and – unusually for Hollywood – it’s never presented as solving any problems, or empowering anyone: it’s more an expression of brokenness. Likewise with the portrayal of Christianity: it’s something that one of the characters retreats into, but there’s no sense that any reality lies beneath.

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  1. Interesting – a friend and I have been having conversations about how much of church culture currently in the (largish) corners we are around seems to be shaped by brokenness as a defining feature of us as humans – I wonder how much that is actually about the fact that it’s an overall “metanarrative” of our society currently … food for thought!

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