DVD: Schindler’s List

DVD: Schindler’s List

When this movie was first released at the cinema, I was reading Schindler’s Ark (the book the movie was based on), and somehow never found the time to watch the film. When I was given a JB Hifi voucher for my birthday, I spotted the DVD and picked up a copy – it’s one I always meant to see.

But it’s hard to find a time when you have a spare 3 hours, and are in the mood to watch a film that is obviously going to be so distressing. Last night I finally made the time. This isn’t a movie for kids to watch – there’s a lot of content there that you might want to talk to kids about but not show them. It doesn’t paint Schindler as a flawless man, but one who goes through a transformation from self-interest to protecting a group of Jews during the Holocaust.

Shot in black and white (with a couple of powerful exceptions), with great composition and lighting, Neeson, Kingsley and Fiennes are tremendous, each in their own way. It makes more sense to me now that Fiennes would choose to play Voldemort – he’s much better as a monster than as a “good guy”.

Haunting, thought provoking, and one that, I think, would reward re-watching.

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  1. Yep, it’s a deeply sad movie, but one of my favourites. I like it when God reminds us that there is some good in the evil world we live in – that he gives us the lights in the darkness.

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