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I’ve been enjoying the musings on life over at the jelssie blog, where two of my friends take turns talking about some minor detail of life.

An insightful post about buying clothes on their blog took me back to things I learned over at the the bargain queen, and from other life-on-a-budget sites like the excellent (and Australian) simple savings site.

It brought home to me the difference between clothes purchases for people who love buying clothes, and those people for whom buying clothes is a painful chore.

It’s a cliche, but to walk into a store, not even need to try some clothes on, and head out with the purchases in hand would be my ideal clothes-buying experience most of the time. I think this is why I have so many t-shirts from threadless.

I enjoy having a new shirt to wear to work as much as anyone else. When I receive a (rare) compliment on the way I’m dressed, it’s certainly a pleasant experience. I can even relate to the idea of finding some item of clothing that I really wanted to have.

But I draw the line at stalking clothes, counting sizes, and waiting for the sales (I’m not even aware of when the clothes sales are on, until they actually happen).

Is anyone with me on this? How do you buy clothes?

Update: Bec adds her frustration far more eloquently than I could.

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