Deus Cafe, Camperdown

Deus Cafe, Camperdown

Di Lorenzo coffee. 98-102 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown. Quite a fancy (read, Eastern suburbs chic) place for a cafe that is an add-on to a custom motorcycle (and merchandise) store. Somehow, they manage to keep the smell of (mechanical) grease outside of the cafe – no mean feat in itself!

The interior has a feeling of space thanks to the high ceilings, and despite the TV in one corner playing The Dark Knight, it’s largely a space that facilitates conversation and taking the time to appreciate the high quality (with a price to match) food that’s on offer. The food service on this weekday lunchtime is fairly slow – expect a 15-20 minute wait for anything that isn’t pre-prepared from the window.

The coffee is far more reasonably priced, and prepared more swiftly. It’s the standard Di Lorenzo fare: pleasant enough, with a thick, foamy milk head, and is certainly a worthy accompaniment to the tasty food menu.

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