Movie: Up

Movie: Up (3D)

Let’s start with the 3D. I don’t think it added much to the experience of the film: the sense of depth is already present in this Pixar work, and ultimately the glasses were a distraction. It did mean, though, that when I looked across to see if Kel was enjoying the film, that I couldn’t see her eyes, but could just see the screen reflected in her 3D glasses.

Ignoring the 3D, though, this is a brilliant film. The opening ten minutes or so that tell the life story of the elderly protagonist are really brilliant, and the rest of the film is quite good – it’s a lot of fun, hard to tell where it will head next, and you leave the cinema realising that life is short, but determined to make the most of it.

Can I ask other people who have seen it, though, (in as spoiler-free way as I can) if they thought that the redistribution of assets that take place at the end of the film left, perhaps, some moral questions?

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  1. I think the 3D was a lot more subtle than people realised. So far your response is about the same as everyone else’s, that the 3D wasn’t all that remarkable, but my guess is that if you watched it in 2D, you wouldn’t have the same sense of depth and perspective. What it *didn’t* have were lots of things flying out of the screen (the old IMAX documentary 3D trick), so I think that’s why no one’s going to rave about the 3D in this one. And then I suppose we’re all waiting to see what Avatar looks like to make a judgment call on 3D. (My guess at this stage will be an unsurprisingly dumb story with surprisingly exciting visuals.)

    Anyway, for the swap of assets at the end – I hadn’t really thought too much about that, except that it could be leaving things open for a sequel. What do you think?

  2. i think you maybe are reading too much into it. the ending had to happen that way and all the actions are justifiable…
    i dont think that it teaches kids bad values… just balloon safety 🙂

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