one man “Lord of the Rings”

one man lord of the rings

Having seen “One Man Star Wars” last year for my birthday, there seemed no better way to celebrate our wedding anniversary than by seeing the preview of “One Man Lord of the Rings”. If you’re wondering how this might work, you can see a brief series of clips.

Essentially, actor Charles Ross, wearing overalls and a microphone moves around the stage at a frantic pace. He acts out the distinct attributes of various characters, the soundtrack, and a selection of the quotes from the LOTR trilogy (including where the DVD discs have to be swapped over, which is a significant part of watching the movies at home).

It’s a very physical performance, and has just enough added humour to keep you entertained on two levels – reminiscing about the film, and laughing at the witty observations that Ross has made about the film, and the kind of culture that will watch films but not read the books.

If you’re an obsessive fan of the films, you will enjoy this a great deal; if you have a reasonable familiarity with them (as I do), then you will find it a very entertaining evening.

Thanks to everyone who stepped in to make it possible for Kel and I to go and see this.

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