book: open wallets

book: Open Wallets – using Psychology to open shoppers’ wallets

One of the benefits of attending coffee mornings on a regular basis is the variety of people with great ideas that I’ve encountered. One such person is Stephen Saunders, whose shoppologist blog has intrigued me. I don’t think I’d ever completely understood what he’s doing, though – it seems to be a series of photos of retail stores, highlighting small elements of a window display, a broken light fitting, or a cluttered entrance.

That all changed when I heard he’d released an e-book. The book is a guide for retailers on how they might better arrange their stores to give shoppers the best possible experience, leading to better sales. Though he has a doctorate in such things, the book is not a tough or lengthy read – it’s visual, thoroughly practical, and if you’re a retailer, you would benefit from reading it and applying its lessons to your store.

I’m already thinking about how these lessons apply to how cafes might best be arranged, and wondering what other categories might also contribute to cafe experience (the book looks briefly at “the senses” but doesn’t spend much time on the sense of smell, which is such a significant factor in the cafe space).

Disclosure: As I mentioned above, I know the author, and he gave me access to the e-book for free, though he wasn’t expecting a review on my blog.

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