VCD: My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

VCD: My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

The joy of watching Hong Kong cinema is how foreign its themes and storytelling approach is. So when a friend brought this horror-rom-com around, we had a great time watching it.

Depressed at losing her new husband in a boating accident, May drunk-drives into a car accident of her own. An out of body experience sees a ghost persuade her back to her body, but she wakes up, having suffered some trauma to her left eye. Sure enough, when she regains consciousness, she can see ghosts with this eye.

The plot continues from there: we explore whether or not she was a gold digger as her late husband’s family suggests, there are notes about the afterlife that relate to ancestor worship and Buddhism, and in general, there are laugh out loud moments, if you can get into the odd sensibility of the film.

If you’re interested in exploring new film genres, you’ll enjoy this film as I did.

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