Hebrew week two

This week, instead of driving to college, I caught the train in. This meant I had some extra time to look at this week’s homework, which only took about 25 minutes to finish. I think I spent more time than that just tellin myself I could get to it later, and that I should concentrate on vocab first.

Arriving early gave me the chance to talk to another college student, who was thinking about giving up on Greek studies, as he still hadn’t worked out the alphabet. After looking at the problem for a while, I encouraged him to spend more time doing written revision, and less time listening to audio revision: if you want to be able to read something, I think you have to be writing the script too!

Again we start class-time proper with a test. Five Hebrew words from our vocab list, translate them and then form plurals.

I’ve done a lot of vocab work this week, so the first part is easy enough

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