Matilda – cautionary tales for children

One of the least represented forms of writing online would seem to be poetry, and in particular, the kind of poetry that I heard as a young boy. Here is the story of Matilda, who told lies from the amazing “Cautionary Tales for Children”.

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  1. this is one of the first poems i learned to recite by heart – and i can still do it all the way through. alas, it *is* one of hilaire belloc’s most popular and i do rather wish i’d taken the trouble to learn “jim, who ran away from his nurse at the zoo and was eaten by a lion”.

    at work today i served a young boy of 8 years old who, having mastered the range of “aussie nibbles” books and wanting something a bit more adventurous, decided to try “alice’s adventures in wonderland”. i can still recite “you are old, father william” and “how doth the little crocodile” with a certain amount of aplomb.

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