hebrew week four

I’m starting to get the hang of catching the train in to college, and still having time to spare. This week, despite spending the whole trip practicing vocab, and then more time at breakfast (in a cafe in Burwood) revising vocab, I only managed to get 6/10 on the week’s test. This is a sign that I’m not spending enough time practicing, or that I’m doing oo many other things outside of Hebrew study, or that I’m spending time on unproductive things. I’m not entirely sure which, but this week has been spend doing more revision, and less flipping of vocab cards to make sure I know the rules of sticking nouns with prepositions and definite articles and such.

The speed people read the Hebrew words in class seems to be increasing dramatically, and I’m not getting the sense that my own speed is improving at the same rate. In some sense this is an incentive to try harder, but I’m really not sure what would help me get this right. The lecturer has offered to mark any additional exercises I complete, but it’s hard to know what exercises will help: the ones in the textbook don’t seem to be numerous enough, and it seems empty to attempt them multiple times!

Time will tell: there’s a break coming up in a couple of weeks, and it will be a good chance to catch up on what I’ve been missing.

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