Hebrew week six

Not sure what it is about this subject. I’ve studied a lot before, even worked and studied before, I’ve learned a dead language before, but I’ve never had as much trouble learning something as I have with Hebrew.

Part of this has been underestimating the amount of work that would be required. This has left me a little off the pace, which doesn’t help. Another problem has been spending a week in between classes trying to do revision instead of spending as much time on that week’s homework as I should.

So here we are, working on chapter 10 of the textbook, and I’m struggling with vocab, with language rules, and even – occasionally – with pronunciation!

There’s just over a month now until the mid-term exam, with no classes. Time (I guess) to knuckle down further and keep working at it.

I guess nothing that’s worthwhile comes easily, but I’m used to things coming more easily than this!

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