Book: A New Kind of Christian

Book: A New Kind of Christian

In response to the recent article and blog posts about author Brian McLaren, a friend of mine who I respect (but often disagree with) recommended that I read one of McLaren’s earlier, but highly influential works: A New Kind of Christian.

The book is a highly readable story about the conversations had between two friends over a period of a few months. One, disillusioned with the state of Christianity meets the other “Neo”, a man with a range of new ideas about what it might mean to be a Christian.

This book is worth reading, if only to understand the early days of McLaren’s thinking – some elements have been embraced by evangelicals in understanding how Christianity is relevant to modern culture. Other ideas – visible in their early form in this book – have been completely rejected as heresy.

I’ve also borrowed the follow-up book of McLaren’s from the college library, and I’m going to try and read it next.

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