DVD: Where the Wild Things Are

DVD: Where the Wild Things Are

Throughout my childhood, we were told good things about this book, but Campsie library’s copy always seemed to be out, or damaged, or both, and so we only read it once in my formative years. As such, while I love the story, I don’t connect with it in quite the same way as those who may have read it every night for a period of time.

Nonetheless, I’d read a lot about this one in anticipation of watching it someday. It ended up being a disappointment. Though Jonze does an amazing job of bringing the creatures (the Wild Things) to life in a believable way, their characterisation is just too childish to make sense to an adult viewer.

Perhaps I haven’t spent enough time thinking it through, but I thought that the visual spectacle didn’t quite make up for the frustration with where the film ended up going.

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