lessons from a brief holiday

pretty beach - the view from the top of the stairs

(If you like the look of the above, you could move there and take over a cafe).

I’m just back from a relaxed few days staying (mostly) away from constant internet access. I’ve come back to over 400 unread RSS items, thousands of lost tweets and only tens of unread emails. It was good to be able to spend time with people undistracted by the constant hum of social media.

I asked twitter “what did I miss?” No-one responded with anything.

I love the insights, witty remarks, and the connectedness that comes with social media, but I’ve been reminded of the richness that comes from concentrating on a single thing at a time. Living in close quarters with people I have known for varying lengths of time has taught me afresh that it’s easy for me to be tolerant of people I don’t know very well, but much harder to keep that going when familiarity has kicked in.

It’s been a great few days. Let’s hope I’m able to put some of their lessons into practice.

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  1. Great photo Dave, I love the way you have composed the shot with the path and the clouds both drawing you into the seascape.

  2. Thanks! I’d like to think that this particular beach makes its own photos, but that’s a good point. Puff and I walked down those steps (and back up) half a dozen times, which was good when he was walking himself, and more of a struggle when I was carrying him – he’s getting quite heavy now!

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