Delicurious Cafe, Pyrmont

Delicurious cafe, Pyrmont

Map coffee. 158 Harris St, Pyrmont. A modern exterior, and red and green interior walls. The fridges have been set up as an interior feature, which is an unusual choice. There’s a good range of high quality food – a choice of sandwiches, savoury tarts, salads, or pasta, even after the lunch rush should be well and truly over.

No decaf grinder. Coffee is flat, and a little metallic, but it’s drinkable.

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  1. Hi Cafe Dave!

    I understand that the cafe has changed ownership and they call themselves “kebo!” as I live in the area. They serve Morgan’s coffee and are starting to build up a reputation. The coffee is much better than previously. had a quick look at the menu, and it looks very appetaising. I was in a rush so only got a coffee, but will definitely visit the place to try them out.. They are certainly pulling in more of a Saturday crowd and seem to be earning a reputation as per their facebook page,, so possibly it might be worth another visit by you! =)

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