Cafe 10, Ultimo

Cafe 10, Ultimo

Fix coffee. 235 jones St, Ultimo. The 10 here is a reference to UTS building 10: this on-campus outlet has recently had a change of management and a refit, creating a pleasant, well-lit space with a consistent hum of conversations and rattling plates.

There’s a selection of pre-made sandwiches, fruit and snacks on sale, and a choice of Vietnamese and Chinese soup options too from the busy kitchen.

Though there’s no decaf grinder, I’m assured that the decaf is in high turnover and doesn’t get a chance to become too stale.

And it shows: the coffee is pretty good: much better than a year ago, and above average for uni campus coffee.

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  1. Cafe 10 has fresh, tasty food and great coffee. The brasserie-type menu changes regularly.They serve Thai soups, lemongrass chicken (type of curry); singapore noodles, braised pork in yummy asian marinade; fish and chips; very tasty hamburgers; and an ever changing selection of fresh and tasty dishes. Deserts include the owner’s own recipe yummy rice pudding; black sticky rice pudding (with coconut milk and lychees); fresh yoghurts; as well as all the usual snacks you find in milk bars.Freshly squeezed fruit juices etc. etc. so much more.There is a high staff ratio so service is very fast. and they are obliging and friendly. Lots of tables in a large, bright and airy space. For a regular-non-fancy cafe with tasty, fresh dosh at reasonable prices, I highly recommend this cafe. I have a mocha-coffee here every day (large size $3.80, 20c off for BYO mug) and have not had a better mocha for this price in Sydney.

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