Espresso King, Sydney CBD

Espresso King, Sydney CBD

Toby’s Estate coffee. 627 George St, Sydney. Tiny doesn’t quite do justice to this space. Once the cake fridge, and the bench with the espresso machine is taken into consideration, there’s seating for three people at a bench against the wall. Even so, they’ve made the best of it, and with a combination of consistent branding, clean straight lines and a large photo on one wall, it’s a pleasant space to sit briefly: – you can even, somehow, escape some of the traffic noise.

They’ve been open around 5 weeks, and have an opening special: buy 5 coffees on a prepay card for $10, $2.70 for a regular coffee, $4 for a coffee with cake.

Though there’s a decaf grinder in sight, it’s not in use as there’s not enough bench space. As such, they don’t sell decaf at all! A brief discussion ensues, talking about the relative caffeine levels of decaf vs caffeinated coffee. I’m sceptical, but I want to review the place, so I agree. They offer me a weak coffee: half-shot, which is sweet and elegant, but not decaf.

As such, I’m writing this post at 1am when I’d much rather be sleeping. I’m not sure I agree with the relative caffeine levels that they’re talking about. Still, this is no reason for non-decaf-drinkers to avoid the place – it’s a friendly place to get your coffee fix, and the service is fast too!

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