Duke’s Lounge, Randwick

duke's lounge, randwick

Numero Uno Coffee. 153 Avoca St, Randwick. Heard about this place in the midst of my 30 cafes in 30 days of June challenge, but didn’t manage to make a trip over to Randwick. Indeed, if you’re looking to drive to this part of the world, it’s best to allow some extra time to find parking – it’s a busy street, and there are crowded streets surrounding it.

where the magic happens

The barista works in the round: – if you’re seated in the right spot, you can see what they’re doing the whole time.

interior, looking out

There is plenty of space to sit with friends and enjoy the ambience: there’s a piano and a guitar in one corner, and a couple of motorbikes inside as decorative features.

coffee, chai

The coffee is good enough – I haven’t tried a lot of numero uno decaf, and I couldn’t see a decaf grinder, but there was certainly nothing wrong with it.

Where the place shines is in the food: – there’s a broad range of menu options, and they’re all well executed. You’ll need to look past the graphic design of the menus: when I first saw them, I was worried that the food was not going to be up to scratch.

salmon benedict
salmon benedict – $14.50

canadian heartbreaker
canadian heartbreaker, $10.50

mushroom omelette
mushroom omelette, $10.50

nutella toast
Nutella Toast, $3.50

big breakfast with added sausages
Big Breakfast + sausages, $14.50+

complimentary fruit salad
Complimentary Fruit Salad, Free!

The service strikes that rare balance. It’s exceedingly welcoming, and clearly, the opportunity to serve any food or drink is a great pleasure. In contrast, it’s not obtrusive: you’re left to make conversation with whoever you’ve brought along.

Reading their blog (at dukeslounge.wordpress.com) it’s clear that this is a place where the owners have poured a great deal of passion, and this comes through in the way they welcome you into your space, and look after you.

They’re also on twitter at @dukeslounge.

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  1. i’ve been hoping someone would blog about this place which i pass every single day but have yet to venture in. my god, 4 sausages, was that all for you 🙂 good to hear the food is decent. it’s a bit of an odd place because by day it’s a cafe and by friday/saturday night they’re wanting to do authentic thai cuisine. i think it has a bit of an identity crisis and i think it’s a bit unclear for pedestrians passing by of what they are wanting to be, i don’t think you can really be both. i usually see the same work guys sitting in the morning during the week which must be regulars. it’s a shame it doesn’t get the sun in the morning because it tends to look quite dark inside. complimentary fruit salad — that’s cool.

  2. Thanks for the review! Some really good insights and points that we can (and will) improve on. It helps out especially as we are still growing and trying to make an impact to show the world what we are made of :p
    ..btw the Decaf Grinder is hiding on the other side of the coffee machine 🙂

    Next time you come in let me make you the coffee (I was stuck in the kitchen that day) 🙂
    Thanks again!

  3. I’ve been in here before. While I agree with Simon’s identity crisis comment, I do think they could work as a cafe slash restuarant, be it Thai, or whatever they want, BUT they need to be CONSISTENT about what they’re doing. I remember they opened for dinner a couple of months ago, then stopped dinner. Then they restarted dinner for 5 nights a week but are now down to 3 nights, at least I think so. All this chopping and changing begins to gets confusing, and quite frankly isn’t a good look.

    Also as Simon says (lol, not to be funny there!) because it doesn’t get the sun it feels cold and gloomy there during the day. I think personally they would work better as an evening venue, where you could dine and/or have coffee/dessert, even a drink if they’re licensed, like Zellini’s on Belmore road or the Spanish Fly at the Spot. All the other restaurants along that part of Avoca street do well in the evening, so there’s no reason Dukes wouldn’t.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in support of small businesses and its obvious these people are very passionate about what they do, but I feel there energy would be better directed with another business plan 🙂

  4. Hey guys!
    Thanks for all your inputs!
    Many months later we’ve worked towards delivering you everything you want, and more!
    We’ve taken on your thoughts and ideas, transformed it into motivation in the hope that there’s something for everyone to enjoy 🙂

    Please check out our website @ http://www.dukeslounge.com.au
    to see what we’re up to 🙂

    and again,
    Thank you Dave and everyone for the support and honesty 🙂

    See you soon @ Duke’s Lounge!

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