Revolver Cafe, Annandale

revolver cafe, annandale

Morgan’s coffee. 291 Annandale St, Annandale. I’ve been to Annandale a few times, and so when I looked up this place on my list of “cafes to visit one day”, I was surprised that I’d never seen it before. Arrive there, and you’ll realise that this is the only retailer for a reasonable stretch in any direction. Plenty of places to park on the street nearby, and a couple of comfortable places to sit while you’re queueing.

place setting - revolver

Arrive here late for breakfast on a Sunday, and you can expect to spend 15-20 minutes waiting for a seat. As it was, we took an outdoor table – the first available offering, and settled in. While you’re waiting, the staff are an absolute pleasure, though – they’re happy to keep you updated with availability, and ensure a warm reception at your table (there are even blankets provided for patrons, on the back of each seat). This is a place where the details have been carefully thought out.

vegetarian big breakfast
Revolver Vegie Big Breakie: two baked eggs, in housemade beans, buttered mushrooms, roast tomato, avocado, danish fetta, hummus & toast – $16

After surveying the menu, I’m actually stuck between a few choices. When in doubt, I generally order a vegetarian big breakfast. Anyone can make a plate full of bacon and other delicious treats work well, but if you can make an appealing dish for vegetarians that doesn’t feel like leftovers, then you’re doing something right.

On a busy day like the day we visited, there was a long wait before the food arrived – we’d finished our first round of coffees and were almost persuaded to order a second round before the food arrived!

Indeed, the vegie breakfast is amazing. The eggs are a little bit more runny than I’m expecting, but the pan is so hot that they cook after you break into them with knife and fork. A great mix of flavours between the beans, the fetta and the avocado – I surprise myself by eating the whole thing!

big breakfast
Revolver Big Breakie: two eggs baked in housemade beans, honey cured bacon, roast tomato, mushrooms, pork fennel sausage & toast – $16

For the carnivores, there is a more spectacular option – the big breakie looks and smells amazing, and is well received by my breakfast companions.

hot chocolate
Hot Chocolate

I wasn’t a huge fan of the hot chocolate: I think I prefer my hot chocolate to be thicker, and stronger in flavour. It’s perfectly drinkable, but not amazing.

Ricotta Hotcakes with daily fruit compote and Maple Ricotta – $12.5

The hotcakes, on the other hand are amazing. So incredibly sweet, and with great texture – I don’t normally order something like this, but I’m seriously tempted to try them on a return visit.

regular coffee
decaf coffee (regular size)

And this brings me to the coffee. I couldn’t see a decaf grinder in my brief time inside the cafe, and – while perfectly drinkable – this didn’t seem to be the amazing coffee I was hoping for.

vegetarian breakfast - detail

In short, this is a place to visit when you’re in the mood to savour some great, well-made food. Don’t come here if you’re in a rush, but bring a big appetite.

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  1. Love this Place! Rod, Chiya & Bec have done such an amazing job at transforming this place. It’s always busy but still has a really chilled feeling plus having a busy cafe is a great sign of business. I went to this place for luch 5 days in a row and each day they had a new dish. Love it!

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