Klink, Sydney CBD

Klink, Sydney CBD

Golden Cobra coffee. 281 Clarence St, Sydney. Takes its name from the history of the building – an old police station.

What used to be the offices of IMG at the turn of the century has been transformed into a little design arcade, gaffa gallery and cafe. It’s a little gem of a space for finding the work of emerging creatives.
looking out from the atrium
It has a bathroom in the back of the building, very elegantly appointed, though missing the all-important hand-drying facilities.

The crowd are office workers, more women than men on this particular visit.
the glass ceiling
Because of the type of fit-out, there are a couple of little rooms with tables, and a 4-storey high glass-ceilinged atrium with great natural light.
coffee at klink
Coffee – decaf is ground to order – is really good as I’m increasingly coming to expect from golden cobra. The staff know about coffee and are happy to chat.

Well worth a visit. Come for the coffee, stay for the gallery.

Website: Klink Cafe

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  1. It’s bloody fantastic. I’ve had two coffees from there in the last two days. It rocks. It also helps that the baristas look like rock stars and that he remembered my name only having met me the day before. Awesome.

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