book: Questioning Evangelism

Book: Questioning Evangelism

I was introduced to this book through some Christians at work: we’ve been reading through some of the earlier chapters together. The main thing that this has to add to the skills that you might have from many number of evangelism books that you’ve read over the years is the idea of asking questions of people, and listening to the responses.

Often when a Christian tries to share what they believe with someone, it ends up feeling incredibly high-pressure. The sharer ends up tongue-tied and unhappy: not a great result for either party.

By reading through this short-ish book, you’ll have a chance to think through a number of objections to Christianity, and understand what questions you might ask so that you can actually understand what they’re thinking. Worth a look.

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  1. The best book I’ve read this year on evangelism — John Dickson ‘The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission’.

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