book: A Confederacy of Dunces

Book: A Confederacy of Dunces

From the list of the bbc book meme, a friend loaned me a few books, this being the first I’ve read.

Ignatius J. Reilly is the hero of this novel – he’s a Masters graduate who, at 30, still lives with his mother. His complete disdain for everyone, and the highly articulate invectives that he shrieks at every opportunity makes him an odd anti-hero.

Watching his adventures to find employment, and the surrounding events, is a little like watching a car crash. Hilarious in places, and generally well written, I was glad to have the chance to read this one through.

If there’s any criticism that can be drawn (apart from some of the more risque subject matter), it would be that the main character starts to be a bit inconsistent in the book’s later chapters. Perhaps it needed better editing before its release?

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