DVD: Dean Spanley

DVD: Dean Spanley

I watched this film with Matt (who had seen it before), deliberately not knowing much about it. It’s an unusual piece – a fairy tales for adults. It’s about what it means to grieve, to be a father, to be a son, to deal with the challenges that life throws at you, and to keep your optimism.

It’s slow to get going, but give it 45 minutes and then watch the rest of it. It’s a charming, emotionally satisfying film that – if you’re prepared to suspend your disbelief – has a lot to say. A great performances from Peter O’Toole and Sam Neill, and lots of highly watchable supporting performances.

It’s not perfect – there’s only one female character who has more than a single scene – and in fact, it doesn’t have much to say to a female audience at all.

If you’re in the right mood, though, it’s well worth your while to take a look.

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